N. of turret partitions 2-3-4-6
Max. spindle power 18 Kw Max (25 HP)
Spindle speed 0-1500
U axis travel 50 mm Max
Z axis travel 600 mm
Spindle end (tool holder)* Cylindrical, DIN 6327 - Ø 36-48 mm
Weight (with slide) Kg 1500 approx.
Dimensions (from spindle nose to end of spindle motor) Length 2100 mm - Width 600 mm
Turret rotation time (fast reverse, raising, rotation, clamping and fast forward) position 11" - 5 positions 13"
*ISO 40 taper can be used on units which do not incorporate a differential control unit.
"Modulo Equipe" unit combines the advantages offered by rotating-part machining with those of stationary-part machining.

This unit ensures high productivity together with a remarkable flexibility, which allows to perform machining operations on a variety of parts, with extremely easy tool-change. This high degree of flexibility is made possible by a turret with six tool-holder stations, that can take tips, taps, multiple-spindle heads and above all rotary-tool turning heads.

These rotary-tool turning heads, which perform a radial movement, allow to perform all types of turning (cylindrical, taper or spherical turning), thread cutting (cylindrical and tapered), facing, etc., by means of standard tools commonly found on the market.

This unit is CNC-controlled and performs the various types of machining according to a previously stored program. Turret rotation is produced by a Brushless motor, while positioning is achieved through an original front-coupling system, developed by TREVISAN.

Axes slide on cross-roller guide shoes.

The spindles as well as the heads that complete this unit can be mounted easily also at a later time.

"Modulo Equipe" is manufactured by TREVISAN MACCHINE UTENSILI S.p.A. in three different sizes, which can be used to obtain any type of plant configuration.
A wide variety of spindles can be easily fitted on any Modulo Equipe unit, thanks to a simple draw-in bolt clamping system.

Here are some examples:
1) Adjustable spindle, multiple drilling/tapping head with a template;
2) Fixed multiple-spindle head;
3) Drive attachment for multiple-spindle foreheads;
4) Turning head;
5) Spindle with ISO taper;
6) Spindle with cylindrical tool-holder.

Modulo equipe Turning head Boring spindle Drilling/tapping heads with
multiple spindles in fixed arrangement
Adjustable spindle, multiple drilling /
tapping heads with a template
0 - 1 Ø 28 mm Ø 160 carriage travel mm 30 N° 4 SPINDLES N° 4 SPINDLES
0 - 1 - 2 Ø 28 mm, Ø 36 mm   N° 6 SPINDLES N° 6 SPINDLES
1 - 2 Ø 48 mm, Ø 55 mm Ø 180 carriage travel mm 30 N° 8 SPINDLES N° 8 SPINDLES
1 - 2   Ø 220 carriage travel mm 50    
1 - 2   Ø 240 carriage travel mm 70    
2   Ø 300 carriage travel mm 70